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This site is a tribute to the monster films I watched at the movies as a kid.
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I don't know anybody that isn't afraid of the Frankenstein Monster!

Created by a young teenager named Mary Shelley, the Frankenstein story is one of the best monster horror stories ever. The old tale of Dr. Frankenstein stealing body parts from cemetaries with his servant Igor is know throughout the world. The body assembled, the Dr. reanimated the corpse using the electricity from a lightning storm. Once alive, the monster roamed the countryside killing people - until the townspeople chased him back to the castle and destroyed him - or so they thought. He came back and demanded the doctor create a bride for him, but the bride went crazy and destroyed herself. The monster was eventually destroyed for good.


Dracula and Vampires

Ever since I was a kid I thought Vampires were cool. They would float through the night as mist, or come as a wolf - they had powers brought on by the bite of the Master Vampire. Sleeping by day and coming out at night to feed on human blood, the vampire's biggest foe was sunlight. Bram Stoker wrote the book "Dracula" - a story of a Master Vampire who was an ancient Count in Transylvania. The real Count Vlad Dracula was a Romanian Monarch also know as Vlad the Impaler because he impaled his enemies on spikes. Vampires fear the crucifix, silver bullets, wooden stakes through the heart, and garlic so legends say, and are immortal.

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Creature from the Black Lagoon

While the movie "Jaws" scared lots of people from swimming, I was already scared to swim after seeing this move! An unknown catalyst or evolutionary change created the reptilian Creature from the Black Lagoon, and a group of scientists exploring the Amazon stumbled upon this monster in South America. The creature took a fancy to a lady in the group and made several attempts to stalk and capture her, but eventually the party was able to rescue the lady and drive the monster back into the deep. I used to swim down at the river as a boy, and I always would think of the scene where the monster's claws were touching the woman's toes as she swam unsuspectingly above him - and then I would get scared and get out of the water!


The Werewolves

The Wolfman was a movie based on the legend of the werewolf - a man bitten on the night of a full moon by a magical wolf. From then on the man would change into a werewolf beast on the nights of the full moon. The only thing that could stop the werewolf was a silver bullet shot into it's heart. Every victim bitten by the werewolf would become a werewolf as well - just as the victims of vampires became vampires themselves. The werewolf posseses great strength and all the senses of the wolf.


The Mummy

Thousand of years ago The Mummy was killed and embalmed by a Pharoah of ancient Egypt, and a curse was put upon his soul. Centuries later when his tomb was discovered in modern times he was revived and used as a zombie killer to do his evil master's bidding. A dead corpse, dressed in decaying moldy rags, the monster would shuffle slowly through the night stalking it's victims. Nothing would kill the mummy except fire - and even that had to be accompanied by a magic spell to cast out the dark curse on his soul. Once relieved of the curse, the mummy could return to it's grave.


The Invisible Man

The H.G. Wells classic about a doctor experimenting with chemicals, who accidentlly discovers a serum that makes him invisible. While it wasn't that scarey, this movie was intriguing and it made all of us wonder what it would be like to be invisible! The potion eventually made the doctor go crazy, and he ran crazy through the countryside terrorizing people. The original film was made in 1933 but a television show and a similiar version in modern times entitled "The Hollow Man" was made in 2000.